Welcome Braxton Wayne ~ 29th October 2013

Birth photography is something that is very new and exciting to me. Sharon and Wayne are the first couple I have photographed with a natural birth.

I received the call from Sharon at 2.47am on Tuesday morning, on their way to the Gawler Hospital. It wasn’t time for me to go in yet, so I dozed a bit while I eagerly awaited the second call to come in. My phone rang again at 5:30am and Wayne said Sharon is 5cm dilated and things are moving fast. I was in the delivery suit within 3o mins =D

Sharon was amazing! Two contractions and 6 perfect pushes and Braxton was born at 7:03am weighing 2.41Kg and 48.5cm long. Utter perfection <3

I wont lie, I was pretty nervous at first. Especially as it was my first time trying something so new  and extremely personal. Such an honor to be a part of such an intimate time.  I have to say the whole experience was amazing. I was on a high all day…. well not quite alllll day. About 3pm, i started to fade with tiredness and really needed a nanna nap lol.

So today, with more energy, I put together some photos for you to also share this amazing time of Braxton Wayne, entering into the world.


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