Emma & Rhys – Their Barossa Wedding

Happy New Year. I hope you have all had a lovely and safe festive season.

I am terrible at keeping my blogs up to date. Every year I promise myself I will keep it up. There have been so many beautiful weddings, and they are sitting hidden on my computer. I really need to get them online for everyone to see.  Lets see how long my blogging lasts this year haha!

{ Emma & Rhys }

14th of January 2017, the first wedding of the year. We were all very anxious about the weather considering we have had everything from wild cyclone-like storms, all the way to 40+ degree heatwaves. It is far to say it has been a nail biting wait to see what the forecast would be. But last Saturday the rain cleared and the heat stayed away to give Emma and Rhys a perfect mid-summer day of only 26 degrees and sunny. Bliss!

The day went perfectly smoothly. Not a single thing went wrong. This gorgeous couple glow for each other. They had their Barossa ceremony at the Murray Street Vineyards in Greenock. Their celebrant, Marisa Wilson, gave a really lovely ceremony and their vowels brought a tear to the eye. Their beautiful day was filled with love and lots of laughter.

Below is a (rather large) selection of images from their day. =)

Emma & Rhys, I wish you both all the very best for your new chapter in your lives.

Liv xx