A fairytale Wedding ~{ Krystal & Bruce }~

I just want to send out a BIG thank you to Krystal and Bruce for letting me share their magical day. I have been friends with Krystal on Facebook for years now as we went to primary school together. With hectic lives and new families, I realised I haven’t seen her since we graduated from year 7! Facebook is awesome for making the world a smaller place.  I saw her posts about her approaching wedding, and I knew I had to ask if they would like a second photographer! She said YES!! I am sure I did a  happy dance around the room for a good 15 minutes after that! Lol! Their  wedding must be the closest I have seen to a real life fairytale. The entire day went without a hitch! Was truly perfect!  I wish them both every happiness in their new future together!

Below is some of the many photos I took. I hope you like them =)

Liv ox