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Hi, my name is Liv!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm an Adelaide-based, full-time photographer. Photography has been a passion of mine since before I graduated from school, so much so, that I worked with several commercial photographers in Adelaide, learning the ropes and I even developed film (I know it sounds so old-fashioned now but it was fun). That was all before I commenced a degree in Information Technology through RMIT University. I'd like to think I was pretty good at it, and my exam results said so too, but I just couldn't let go of my passion for taking photographs. I decided to put my studies aside for a year and focus on photography. If I was successful, then I decided I would keep doing it. If not, I could always continue with my degree.

So that's how Spinifex Photography came about and I've never worked at anything else since (apart from being a mum to my two adorable children and a wife, not that that is hard with such a supportive family).

I've worked as the photographer for Business Chicks, taken commercial photographs for York Civil Construction, Telstra (loved my billboard sized photo in the main street), Wesfarmers Insurance, and local Real Estate agencies, to name a few.   I've photographed people such as Randi Zucherberg, Julia Gillard, Mark Bouris, and Kathy Lette, and I'm well versed in school graduation photography.

What I enjoy the most is being a "photographer through life". There is nothing more rewarding than having the oppertunity to capture your lifes journey from your love story, your beautful children and even your wedding day.

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